Monthly Archives: October 2015

What We Did

Let’s take a minute to break down what happened in this year’s Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction. The Tricycle collective visited over 400 occupied homes before the auction started. Our goal was to inform residents that their homes were in foreclosure, that someone might buy it in auction and that, just […]

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We Won 18 Homes

The auction is over, for our families at least. 18 homes and 34 children will not only remain housed but will become HOMEOWNERS as a result of this harried process. What a gift, what a relief. Unfortunately, 13 families lost their homes due to unexpected aggressive outbidding, and are now waiting […]

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What If

What if we win all of the homes up for auction today? What if there are only good phone calls to make? What if we find ourselves with nearly 20 families safe in their homes? For Detroit, this is the last day of the auction. Let it be a good one.

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in for a fight

let’s focus on the wins today. two homes sold for the minimum bid of $500. we came prepared to do battle but, with a single bid, it was over. then there was Shakiya’s house. bids had been placed on it for over a week and they started climbing steadily through […]

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