April 25, 2017

Spring Update!

The Tricycle Collective has been busy!
In the months after the auction, the women of the Tricycle Collective have been working quietly behind the scenes to review, reorganize and restructure the organization. We are still a volunteer organization but we have pursued our first-ever grants for some community project and we are preparing for our most ambitious year to date. Here is just a little bit of what we’re up to:
  • In May, we will be hosting our 3rd annual “Homelover’s Potluck” for all 106 families who have received donations from TC to reinforce homeowner education, build community, and celebrate the sanctuary of home.
  • We have rejuvenated our website with updates to our Mission Vision and Values, and our About Us page.
  • We applied for two complementary grants with the mission of creating and disseminating outreach material for individuals and community groups to inform at-risk households facing tax foreclosure. We’ll be working to create the materials and the medium for canvassing to support community groups who prioritize residents over investors to sustain housing, support neighborhoods and minimize blight, displacement and exploitation. The first grant from Rackham Program in Public Scholarship was awarded!
  • The collective is seeking collaborators and community partners who want to inform and contribute to efforts to Keep Detroit at Home in the face of tax foreclosure.

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