After four purposeful years

The Tricycle Collective has formally dissolved as an organization. We have raised and donated over $120,000 to families across Detroit fighting to stay in their homes. We have knocked on doors, created educational resources, hosted truly incredible story-telling events where survivors of foreclosure bore witness to their experiences, and prioritized funding for those who most needed it. We are deeply proud and honored to have played a role in the advocacy for Detroit’s neighborhoods in the face of extreme obstacles.

the tricycle collective

is a woman-led volunteer-powered nonprofit organization working to provide additional support to Detroit families with young children who live in homes facing tax foreclosure. We do this primarily through:

  • the spreading of information (door knocking, public events, continuing homeowner education)
  • the raising and distributing of funds (donating $500 to as many families as possible whose homes are being sold in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction)


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Seeking Status

The Tricycle Collective officially filed an application for 501(c)(3) status today. Just a year an a half ago, neither the idea nor the organization existed, and now, The Tricycle Collective has an i…
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At the 2nd annual Homelover’s Potluck, over a dozen of the families in The Tricycle Collective came together to meet, eat, and celebrate the end of “Foreclosure Season” here in Detr…
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