Information on the Detroit tax foreclosure crisis can be hard to come by, though it finally getting some much-needed attention.


Original Content about Tax Foreclosure and Related Issues

Taking Advantage of Detroit Metro Time

Silent Auction

Preview: 2015 Detroit Tax Foreclosure Auction 8/19/15 Huffington Post Detroit

Regression Analysis 5/26/15- Huffington Post Detroit Thousands of Detroit homes “revert” back to government ownership

Death by Shrapnel Fire 5/12/15- This year’s record-brekaing tax foreclosures could have devastating long-term effects.

A Discussion of Tax Foreclosure in Detroit 3/14/15 A brief summary of the context and issues surrounding tax foreclosure in this city

My Home is in Tax Foreclosure, Now What? 2/14/15 Explanation of your options as a resident of a home facing foreclosure

2015 Show Cause Hearings 1/31/15 The Show Cause Hearing is a weeklong event that in intended to provide people an opportunity to contest their tax foreclosure. In practice, they are an opportunity for the county to collect back taxes.

Detroit Land Bank Occupied Properties  12/31/14- The Detroit Land Bank Authority owns tens of thousands of properties in the city of Detroit, many of which are occupied homes. The Land Bank will acquire 13,874 properties following this year’s Wayne County Tax Foreclosure auction alone.

Blight Bungle 10/30/14 Government is beat at its own game in Detroit Foreclosure Auction

Foreclosed is Forewarned 10/1/14 Tax Foreclosures on 10,000 Occupied Detroit Properties will Displace Thousands

Preview: 2014 Detroit Tax Foreclosure Auction 9/5/14 Huffington Post Detroit

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