The tax foreclosure issue is a complicated one. Learning the circumstances of each family helps us understand the problem and how to better address it. Below are links to testimonials from (most) of the Tricycle Families.

King “I don’t know how to explain it, but it was heartbreaking.”

Trinity “It’s profitable to make people homeless now, that’s the world we live in.”

Artemis “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but it will be done.”

Shakiya“This house is not even for us, cause as we get older, we can go. …But for them, if they’re ever in any kind of trouble when they get older, this is for them.”

June– “This is my promise land and I’m fighting for it.”

Arquesha“I see everything in this house, that’s a huge part of the dream.”

Demitrius and Ebony“My kids, they’re good kids, and they’re kids who don’t ask for a lot. They are very very grateful for what they have. They like that they have a home.”

Oscar– “Basically the people who are left in this neighborhood have all been here over 20 years with me. It’s sorta hard to make up your mind you know, do you wanna stay here? It’s a sentimental thing, you know, I don’t want to leave.”

Ruth–  “This house has been a blessing to the Littleton family for over 50 years. It’s home. I’ve seen the neighborhood change, I’ve seen people come and go, and through it all, it’s been home.”

DeniseI’m gonna tell you what I truly believe, is that if God will bring me to it, he’ll bring me through it. And I have just that much faith. I’ve seen some days worse than this, that I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. And I did.”

Arleen“I believed him, I’ve never had a problem with him. So I was steady paying, steady paying my rent.  And then I went downtown to Monroe Street, I went with someone else but I just asked them about this property because I wanted to make sure. And that’s when I found out it was foreclosED- past tense.”

Cliffton– “Even after Step Forward failed, they still didn’t tell us about the auction. We didn’t really know about the auction until you came over. We would’ve never knew. We thank god that you came.”

Tiffany“I really don’t want to lose this house because I have made this house home. My kids love their bedrooms, they just love the house and the neighborhood. Simple.”

Joyce“The system is set up for whatever it’s set up for. Its not for the people. This will make us homeless as well as my family. Homeless.”

Samuel “The tricycles in the front yard, that’s what the kids do, everyday. The kids up the street come down, they race up and down the street on those tricycles all day long, that’s what they do. It’s exciting, the opportunity to own a house.  I feel like it’s time.”