is a volunteer-run nonprofit Detroit organization working to support families facing tax foreclosure through information, advocacy, and financial contributions.

  • Our head-in-the-sky goal is to dramatically reduce tax foreclosure of occupied buildings in Detroit and to sustain “continuous occupancy” of homes to prevent evictions of people and blight to property.
  • Our eye-on-the-prize goal is to inform Detroiters at risk of losing their homes and to empower them to avoid foreclosure or purchase the home afterward.
  • Our feet-on-the ground goal is to directly support Detroiters to buy the homes they already live in, and remain viable homeowners in the long term.

We believe in the power of information and community, and we believe that people have value to Detroit beyond their financial means.

The Tricycle Collective has contributed over $28,000 to Detroit families facing tax foreclosure or reversion. Additionally we have provided outreach and information to over 100 Detroiters working to keep their homes through tax foreclosure, reversion, and Detroit Land Bank Authority ownership.