King’s Heartbreak

Parents try to protect their children from so much. As a society, we like to think that many of our city’s issues are “grown-up” issues. The fact is, when we take homes from people, we take homes from kids. We need to acknowledge that reality. It is critical that we hear youth voices throughout this […]

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Closing Thoughts

There is one more day until the end of our official fundraiser. In the 3 years that Tricycle Collective has supported families through the auction, we have seen a tipping in the odds against residents and into the favor of investors. We have gone from winning 8 out of 11, to 18 out of 31, […]

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Artemis’s Truth

At our 3rd annual storytelling event, Artemis shared the her story of being a determined mother who will do whatever she can to care for her children, and that story, like so many, culminates in a fight for her home. “Do you pay your taxes, or do you take care of your kids?” Listen here:

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