October 19, 2015


Today was rough.

6 of our families’ homes were lost in the auction.

We saw bidding that was 10 times higher than it would have been last year and we were not prepared. Maybe no amount of preparation would have made the difference. Some people just have more money.

And then, there were wins. 7 homes were won. 13 children will be calling the same house “home” from here on out. It’s a blessing.

It cannot be said enough though, even when it works, it feels wrong. The capriciousness of bidding bon a home with a click of a button, the folly of the silent, invisible auction, the finality of the THICK RED BAR “you have been outbid” or the THICK GREEN BAR “Congratulations” is bizarre to the extreme. It might as well be a lottery. What a way to run a city. What a way to live.


Still 12 more homes to go.

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