January 30, 2016

Property Reassessment Party

Detroit Property Owners! Join us next Friday February 5 for a visit to the city’ assessor’s office to file individual requests for property tax reassessment!

If you feel your property taxes are too high, you have only a two-week window from February 1-15 to request a reassessment. You can do this anytime throughout that period, but if you want motivation and some informal peer guidance, this is a great chance. Reassessing your property value can mean lower taxes, making property ownership more affordable, reducing delinquencies and foreclosure.

Location: City/County Building (Coleman Young Building) 8th Floor City Assessor’s Office

Time: 10-1pm (that’s when we’ll be there, you can come any time)

At the office, you will pick up a form to request a property reassessment, fill it out on the spot and submit it.

Please bring with you::

  • ID
  • Address
  • Personal letter (optional)
  • Photos of blighted buildings in area (optional)
  • Market rates of comparable property in your area (optional)


This is also an opportunity to address other paperwork issues. The assessor’s office can help you get the property taxes in your name (get a PTA) as well as “Principal Residence”/Homestead to lower your taxes if you occupy the house. 

Contact Michele Oberholtzer ([email protected]) with questionsProperty-Taxes1

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Tiffany Watson
January 30, 2016 at 5:02 pm

I will be attending this function. Thanks Michele! ?


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