February 17, 2016

Detroit in Elle Magazine!

The Tricycle Collective was featured in an article about Detroit in Elle magazine, the French version. It’s always funny to see how an hour-long conversation gets converted into an article, but here is what they had to say [translated]:

Elle France Article- “The Rush to Detroit” featuring the Tricycle collective

Michele Oberholtzer has, indeed , created The Tricycle Collective, a group who, with 18,300 euros, helped this fall to 18 families to stay in their homes. “But we do not win every time,” she says. The eviction notice should arrive just before Christmas. “We all fear that neighbor left, testifies Arquesa Esters. When a house is empty, it could be occupied by squatters, drug addicts. Looted, it will eventually collapse, a danger for kids. The area is empty, the city ​​will pick up more trash cans, roots clogged drains. “A few weeks ago, a neighbor who lost his house preferred the burning it down than leave behind.” A nearby school, half empty , was destroyed by bulldozer.

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