February 3, 2016

How To Reassess your Property Value

There is only one chance each year to appeal your property assessment with the City of Detroit! If you believe that the value of your home is less than its current assessment, you can appeal to the Assessor’s office.

Appeals can be made in person or by mail during the 2-week review period Monday February 1- Monday February 15. Assessors Review Office, 8th Floor Coleman A. Young Municipal Center 2 Woodward Ave. (313) 224-3035


If you visit in person:

You must bring:

  • Your ID
  • Address and Parcel ID of the property

You CAN bring:

  • Personal letter explaining your request
  • Photos of blighted buildings in area or other evidence of why your taxes should be lowered
  • Information about sales prices for comparable properties in your area (this research might help you find out if you property is actually over-assessed)


This is also an opportunity to address other paperwork issues. If you don’t have the Property Taxes in your name, you’ll need a PTA (Property Transfer Affidavit). If you live in the home you own but don’t have the homestead exemption, you can get the Principal Residence Exemption (PRE).


Remember, there is just a 2 week chance each year if you want to made a bid to lower your taxes!



After you file your appeal, you will receive a decision via mail as to whether your property’s taxes were increased, decreased or left as they were. If you wish to contest that decision, follow the instructions on the letter to appear before the March Board of Review where you will receive a decision about the property assessment. The March Board of Review begins Tuesday March 8th and ends Monday, April 4th.


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