May 5, 2016

Call for Donations- Help Families Avoid Foreclosure with Payment Plan Assistance

At the end of June, a resource that has helped thousands of families avoid losing their homes will go away. The wonky-but-helpful “IRSPA” payment plan reduces interest rates from a crushing 18% to a more manageable 6%, removes properties from the auction block, and gives owners time to pay off their back taxes. Unfortunately, the plan will become EXTINCT as of June 30th* and families have a limited time to get on or stay on.

The Tricycle Collective would like to help (at least) 3 families to make the down payment to get on an IRSPA before its too late. A $500 donation will get them on the plan that will reduce their debt, buy them time, and give them a path to home ownership. These donations will be processed through our partners at United Community Housing Coalition, and can be made through our website here.

Remember your donations are tax deductible now that we are 501(c)3, but most importantly, that they are going directly to people who need them.


*leave it to the Michigan Legislature to make sure that any laws that are helpful are also temporary

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