September 17, 2016

Fayette- the Detroitoholic

“I tell people I’m a Detroitaholoic- that means I’ve been gone and I’ve had dreams of how I could get back home…I’ve been here over 50 years, I’ve never wanted to go anyplace else”

“Foreclosure tore up my village.”
“I’m wondering, what happened? Where are the people who care about Detroit? Where did they go? A lot of people had to move, they had to go out of Detroit. They had to go to different family members. They did whatever they could.”
“You youngsters out there, which is most a yall, believe me, this city was wonderful. This city has always been important, and if you love it, help each other”

At last year’s “Home Is…” storytelling event, guest speakers from The Tricycle Collective shared their experiences of fighting for their homes through the tax foreclosure crisis. Fayette’s rental property went into foreclosure in 2014 without her knowledge, and she missed her chance to bid on it. No one else bid, and the house fell to the ownership of the Land Bank. Fayette held on in that home for over 2 years, trying to buy her house and trying to find a way to get her water service turned on. Her cat was snatched off her porch by feral dogs and that was the last straw. She was set up with senior housing in downtown Detroit, and the Brightmoor house that she tried to save sits vacant, awaiting demolition. Fayette has a rich story and a lot of wisdom to share.

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