September 27, 2016

Real talk about crowdfunding

It’s not just you. All of us, on both sides of the divide, are sick of crowdfunding. The truth is that there are so many worthy causes and so many ways we interface with one another that the Asks just seen unceasing. Most crowdfunding seems to be “one and done” but we are on our third round of it. Why? Why do we do it this way? Why to we put in so much effort to squeeze $10 out of our friend at a bike ride instead of just hunting down grants like other self-respecting non-profits? Well, we might, and we can try that, but there is something deep about the philosophy of why we do it this way.

We help we. We help each other. We decide that we care about something and then we back it up in word and deed and in action. All of us who work with The Tricycle Collective do so out of a combined sense of urgency and agency- something must be done NOW and we have decided to be a positive part of that something. We ask others to contribute financially to help supplement the hundreds of combined hours that we and other groups offer. The money is not all you can do but it’s what you can do if you are not able to commit the time and energy to become a counselor or a door-knocker or an expert. The money is nothing without the structure of advocacy and empowerment but the advocacy can only go so far without financial support.

It’s not one-sided equation either- the families who receive money are asked to spread the word, to become advocates and experts in their own community. Most people want to put the trauma of foreclosure behind them, but we pester them to stay involved year after year because, even as one home is saved, the neighborhood is still under attack. It is categorically exhausting, but it’s what we are called to do because we have chosen to remain awakened to the reality of our collective circumstance, and a true sustained awareness requires positive action.

One potential donor asked “does it really matter if I give during the fundraising campaign or can I just do it later.” We explained “yes, but..” Sure, we could always use donations but this is not some abstract thing we are raising money for. It’s not like it will be  The auction is imminent the need is immediate. The chance for a family to buy the home they already live in for an affordable amount of money may happen ONCE in their lifetime and the results are both sudden and permanent. The money we raise will be turned over to families whose home are in auction and some of them will sell as soon as October 15. The money we raise will be added to the funds they’ve already saved to try to buy their house, hopefully pushing them over the edge to be the top bidder.

If you want to give but cannot, ask us how you can help.

If you can give, but you’re not sure if our cause is worth it- ask questions.

If you can support the cause, but you’re not sure if our organization is the right vehicle for your support- ask more questions.

If you can give and you’re ready, the link is here:

But please don’t wonder and wait, the investors aren’t waiting, the speculators aren’t sitting this o
ne out, the class action lawsuit isn’t cloaking everyone in protection, the federal dollars didn’t save the day, the politicians aren’t listening. If this isn’t your issue, we hope you’ve found one that is and we honor and support and praise you for making a difference in your own way.

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