September 1, 2016

September Fundraiser is Here

Dearest friends, activists, Detroiters and Detroitophiles:
Today we are officially launching our THIRD ANNUAL fundraising campaign. 
It is our goal to raise no less than $30,000 to help as many families as possible buy the home they already live in in this year’s tax foreclosure auction.
Throughout the month of September, we will be raising money through a Patronicity campaign ( and hosting events to increase awareness and build community involvement in this issue.
Over the years, The Tricycle Collective has issued over $28,000 in direct donations to families living in foreclosed homes. 40 families have successfully save their home from foreclosure or bought their home in auction as a result, in part, of our efforts. This year we hope to double our impact. Our donations are diverted through the United Community Housing Coalition’s program to assist families buy their homes at auction.
Tax foreclosure is a devastating issue in the city of Detroit. It tears apart neighborhoods like a viscous game of “musical chairs” that destroys community and property. And yet, we do the work that we do because there is a solution at hand for many residents of foreclosed homes- many people can buy the homes they already live in for less than a few months rent. With some information and, in some cases, a financial contribution, we can turn a tragedy into an opportunity.
With the perspective of time, we are gratified to see how the families we supported in the past are continuing to thrive. We appreciate your support in expanding our network of strong, permanent, stable, homeowner families whose children will grow up with no uncertain understanding of what HOME really is.

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