October 7, 2016

Note on the Last Push

The Tricycle Collective is in the last stretch of our 3rd annual “Keeping Detroit at Home” fundraiser.

I went to a conference in Baltimore last week and learned a lot about property taxes and how they are handled. Most states sell the debt, not the home, in foreclosure, which is why this is a relatively unknown issue. In Michigan we not only sell the homes, we do it by the tens of thousands every year, to the point that now 1/3 of land in Detroit is government owned.
There’s so much needed to recover from the damage that’s been inflicted on Detroit, that we just need now to stop aggravating the problem by evicting the people who are already here, already housed.
If you’re willing and able to contribute any amount, we’d appreciate it.
Fundraiser ends Sunday October 9.
Your friend,
The Tricycle Collective

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