May 17, 2017

The THIRD Annual Homelover’s Potluck

Last Saturday, The Tricycle Collective took some time to celebrate the gift of home and the importance of the work that goes into preserving it by gathering for our third annual “Homelover’s Potluck.” Each of the 107 families who have received donations from this organization were invited. It was a day with a lot on the agenda:

  1. To Celebrate- we enjoyed good food, art, bikes and balloons
  2. To Share- we took time to share personal testimonials of our experiences in fighting tax foreclosure, saving homes and being drawn to this work
  3. To Educate- each homeowner received information about the status of critical components of their home ownership. We also had community resources from local groups
  4. To Reach Out- each homeowner also received information and tools to perform community outreach for families in their neighborhoods currently facing tax foreclosure. We also signed up if we were interested in doing further work to build tools and do community outreach going forward.
  5. To build community. We didn’t do this alone! We received support for this event from a large number of community partners including resource support from United Community Housing Coalition, Wayne Metro, Brick and Beam, and 211; hosting by the Jam Handy, children’s art from Boundless Art, and the extraordinary food donations from Avalon, Supino’s, Sister Pie, Whole Foods, Auntie Na’s and Detroit Food Academy


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