September 3, 2017

4th Annual Fall Fundraiser

The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and kids are returning to school for the year. Amidst these changes comes another terrible tradition in Detroit: foreclosure season. The homes of thousands of these schoolchildren are at risk of being bought out from under them.

The Wayne County tax foreclosure auction is a massive online sale in which over 3,000 occupied homes will be sold to the highest bidder. More and more, the buyers of these home are mass investors who either evict or extract, and all of Detroit suffers. But the winners in the auction can sometimes be the residents themselves.

The Tricycle Collective is preparing to do what we can to support families in homes at risk of losing their homes, by donating that starting bid of $500 to families with young children whose homes are in the auction.

Through the month of September, The Tricycle Collective is raising at least $30,000 in direct funding to help families in these homes. As always, we are working in partnership with United Community Housing Coalition, the local nonprofit agency that bids on behalf of prospective buyers and advocates for these residents.

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