September 12, 2017

Knocking on Neighbor’s Doors

Can you imagine if the home that you lived in was for sale and you didn’t know about it? Can you imagine the fear of getting mail from investors or watching cars slowly drive by, taking pictures of your home and knowing you are a target? Can you imagine not knowing where to go to get help? There is a terrible lack of information for residents of tax foreclosed homes, so we at The Tricycle Collective are big believers in the importance of knocking on doors to share knowledge and resources.

Last Sunday, we partnered with United Community Housing Coalition to train volunteers to knock on doors of homes that are in the tax auction to let people know 1) your home is in the auction 2) it’s not too late! c) there is help available!

We visited over 200 homes and handed out resources. In a few cases, we provided yard signs saying “THIS IS A HOME, DO NOT BID! We hope these efforts are able to help more families save their homes in the coming months.

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