Who We Are

Michele Oberholtzer– president, treasurer and board member

Arquesha Esters– membership coordinator and board member

Margo Dalal– secretary, long-term planning coordinator and board member

Garrett MacLean– project manager and board member

Mahala Clayton– board member

Tomas Laverty– web and social media director

The Families– include dozens of homeowners who avoided or survived tax foreclosure and are committed to staying in their homes and building up their neighborhoods. Families who received support in the past contribute to the collective by sharing their time, expertise and experiences with each other, with other Detroiters at risk of foreclosure, and with the public at large.

Contributors– include individual donors both local and national, Detroit SOUP participants and anyone who buys a bicycle bell from Bring-a-Ling

The United Community Housing Coalition– is a Detroit non-profit that helps over 1,000 families per year buy their homes at auction. We refer a majority of our contact to UCHC for legal support, financial counseling, and expertise in the auction and home-owernship process.

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